‘Sense Of Home’ wins Graham Smith Peace Trust Award

We didn’t enter the Fringe to win an award but when the award was announced in the Fringe Club on closing night I can not say how proud I felt of everyone who was involved in this project. Winning the Graham Smith Peace Trust award was one of the proudest moments I have felt for a very long time.

The first time I watched the True North Ensemble perform A Sense of Home at the Channel 9 studios I was nervous. There was so much going through my head it was hard to actually focus on the show. The curtains opened and the music began to play and here I was sitting in my first show of True North Youth Theatre Ensemble. To say I had butterflies was an understatement.

What happened next was floods of laughter, moments of utter disbelief of how well our kids were performing and it ended with me giving them a standing ovation with tears pouring down my face.  We had done it. Not only had we built an ensemble from scratch True North had just delivered an amazing performance of which anyone would be proud of.

I would like to congratulate everyone who was involved in this Production – starting of course with my Husband but also Artistic Director – Alirio Zavarce, our Tutors Maryanne Boettcher, Emma Beech, Brad Williams (who also worked on projections) and Ezra Juanta, Productions Manager, Light Designer and Technician, Dush Kumar, Set and Costume Designer, Kathryn Sproul, Graphic Artist, Nathan Little and our musicians Tyson Olson, Ezra Juanta (again) and Aaron Akeroyd.   But of course this production could not of happened without our Ensemble.  So big congratulations to all our of our Junior and Senior Ensemble members who worked tirelessly throughout the school holidays to finesse and create something that was an award winning critically acclaimed show.

We have certainly launched with a blast and join now as there is more exciting projects on the horizon so stay tuned…

Juliette Zavarce – Producer – True North Youth Theatre Ensemble

True North Youth Theatre Ensemble‘Sense Of Home’ wins Graham Smith Peace Trust Award
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