E Bully

Premiering in May 2017.

E Bully is currently under development by our Senior Ensemble and will be presented as part of the Dream Big Festival in May 2017.

Internet bullying is a phenomenon of the 21st Century.  Cyber bullying utilises technology such as cell phones and the internet to bully and harass another person.  Bullying which was once a school yard issue now occurs in the lounge room of our children’s very own home.   Parental and teacher control of this issue is never been so difficult to manage.  Well over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs.Adolescence are now subject to ridicule, abuse and teasing in an environment that has no controls or limitations.

Cyber bullies are often faceless predators who think that teasing and ridiculing another online is funny and are not aware of how their actions can affect both the victim and themselves.   The consequences are often felt across school communities and the long term damage of bullying is well documented as being detrimental to a person’s long term mental health, self-esteem, and self-development and increases the risk of suicide.  Cyber bullies are often not aware that things they post online can affect them long term when they apply for jobs or university.

This show peels the issue of bullying right open and True North Youth Theatre Ensemble is known for facilitating a conversation by young people to young people.    In this show they will use technology, language and theatre as a means of investigating a prevalent and relevant issue to young people on their level.  It explores the behaviours and motivations of the bully, its consequences to the actors playing the role of the perpetrator and the victim and how the audience reacts to this provocation.   This show is followed by a Q and A in which the audience and the ensemble are able to openly discuss the issue of bullying and share strategies and solutions to each other.


Devised and Directed by Alirio Zavarce

Produced by Juliette Zavarce

Assistant Direction by Matt Crook

Costume and Set Design by Ashley Boyce and Monica Pritchard

Lighting Realisation by Mark Oakley

Technical Elements by Brad Thompson

Film and Composition by Mitre Khammash and Matt Crook

Mobile Phone Interactivity by DNA Web Development

Show dates and time

General Public Shows

17th May 6.30pm – Opening Night

20th May 2pm and 7pm

24th May 7pm

27th May 2pm and 7pm

School Shows

15th May 10 am and 1pm

19th May 10 am and 1pm

True North Youth Theatre EnsembleE Bully