A Sense Of Home

Our inaugural production at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2014

Since I was 10 I was always involved in extracurricular activities playing in the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra or doing Youth Theatre. I caught the bug pretty early and was hooked. I can’t imagine what I would be doing now if I didn’t have those opportunities. Living in the north of Adelaide I found that there weren’t a lot of artistic opportunities for young people. That’s why I dreamed up True North Youth Theatre Ensemble. We are Adelaide’s newest youth theatre company. We are not even one year old yet we have already had our maiden voyage. A Sense of Home was the first step in using theatre making as a teaching tool. I wanted the participants to learn by making. Under my direction, and with the help of all of the creative team, they have wrote the text, developed images, ideas, movement pieces, sounds, composed songs, were involved in dramaturgy and created puppetry. A Sense of Home saw them operate the show, sing, animate, play and tell their stories. They have worked really hard and the majority of them had never been in front of an audience before. To say that I am mega proud of them would be an understatement. It has been amazing to create and collaborate with this amazing group of young artists. I picked A Sense of Home as our starting project as for me it was important to start at the beginning. Starting a group from scratch, they didn’t know me and I didn’t know them. Yet I wanted them to collaborate, to play, share and create together.   So, we started sharing, introducing ourselves and finding out about each other – about who we are and where we come from. As we started building our theatre company we also started to find out what we needed to create A Sense of Home.

Alirio Zavarce
Artistic Director
March 2014

Sense of Home was presented as part of the Fringe Festival 2014 and won the Graham Peace Trust 2014 Fringe Award.

Directed by
Alirio Zavarce

Devised by
Alirio Zavarce and
True North Youth Theatre Ensemble

Written by
True North Youth Theatre Ensemble

Facilitator & Dramaturgy
Alirio Zavarce

Set and Costume Design
Kathryn Sproul

Lighting Design & Technician
Dush Kumar

AV & Technical Design
Brad Williams

Juliette Zavarce

Illustrations by
Cassidy Taylor
Jada Guerrini
Kathryn Sproul

Graphic Design
Nathan Little

Music Composed by
Alirio Zavarce
Ezra Juanta
Tyson Olson
in conjunction with
True North Youth Theatre Ensemble

Senior Ensemble
Dannielle Hancock
Jada Guerrini
Jade Forgan
Ceidar Clarke
Cassidy Taylor
Briana Halse
Rebecca Halse
Sophie Guidolin
Skye Elliott
Joshua Heaft
Aidan Bailey

Junior Ensemble
Jesse Rasheed
Isabella Rasheed
Derek MacRae
Elenor Maclean
Thomas Homuan
Charlie Jones
Caellum Revolta
Tegan Revolta

Tyson Olson
Ezra Juanta
Aaron Akeroyd

What the critics are saying

  • Bank SA Talk Fringe

    Alirio Zavarce has done it again. This talented Director seems to have a knack of pulling together a group of people, offering them safe haven to explore their world and then asks them share it with an audience. Bravo Alirio, bring on the next production because I’ll be there ready, sitting in the front row with my hanky.

    Giselle R TalkFringe
  • The Advertiser Newspaper

    This show is more than just theatre…This show has soul.

    The Advertiser
  • Adelaide Theatre Guide

    Director Alirio Zavarce dreamed of using theatre making as a teaching tool and that’s exactly what he’s accomplished. Within a year, Adelaide’s newest youth theatre company has created young artists who write the script, compose songs, create puppetry and bring it all together in their first show which tackles that big question: what makes a sense of home?

    Kylie Pedler Adelaide Theatre Guide
  • In Daily

    This ensemble tugs on the heartstrings with its insightful and diverse descriptions of home. If “memories are what makes a home”, then it stands to reason that A Sense of Home will leave an indelible memory in your heart.

    Patricia Herreen In Daily
  • Glam Adelaide

    Stories of climbing trees, telling ghosts stories and moving overseas into extraordinary works of theatrical art. A Sense of Home will no doubt bring you back to a world of childish innocence and fun and will, of course, make you go “Awww” a good few times!

    James Rudd GlamAdelaide
  • The Advertiser Newspaper

    The actors manipulate words and images in view of the audience. This is a sweet and honest show that offers gentle insights into the thoughts and attitudes of young people, and leaves you with a good feeling…the children in the audience especially loved it.

    Louise Nunn The Advertiser
  • Arts Hub

    Access to the development of creativity and the development of young people through art is of paramount importance to the community. It is not only a human right but a need in our community to help our young people develop their skills, confidence and their artistic potential.

    Arts Hub
  • The Australian Newspaper

    A Kid Like Me, presented by the 12-member True North Youth Theatre and directed by Alirio Zavarce (Parks Theatre, May 20), invites audiences to identify and respond to common issues for young people. With a repertoire of nine plays to choose from, the audience uses electronic voting devices to select themes such as social anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, “sexyfication” and the future. Expertly managed by Zavarce and writer Sally Hardy, with thrifty design by Kathryn Sproul, A Kid Like Me is a version of Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre at its enjoyable best: vividly presenting life situations and giving young people a chance to interact and register their opinions.

    Murray Bramwell The Australian
  • Quote symbol

    Congratulations on an outstanding production today. I enjoyed the work on so many levels. It was wonderful to see the youth ensemble so present in their bodies, ideas, characters, and storytelling. I appreciated the innovative staging and creative use of props (chairs as weight!), and the strong design elements of sound, video, and lighting. Most of all it was fun to be amongst the young people. It was terrific to hear the "this is so cool"; "What do you think?" "Pick green, Pick green" interaction from the students sitting around us.

    Katie Dawson University professor and US arts integration specialist
True North Youth Theatre EnsembleA Sense Of Home