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In May 2017 we had the World Premiere of EBully at the DreamBig Children’s Festival. We had amazing responses from schools, families and audience members. We would love to take this work across Australia and encourage other people to be part of the solution. 

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Alirio Zavarce and True North Youth Theatre Ensemble’s E Bully is a direct response to cyber-bullying
Peter Burdon, The Advertiser
May 18, 2017 8:54am
E Bully

The Parks Theatre

until May 27

ONE of the more insidious forms of harassment in our society, cyber-bullying, has rightly stirred the powers-that-be into belated action in a country where this particular scourge is endemic.

Alirio Zavarce and his True North Youth Theatre Ensemble have developed E Bully as a direct response to lived experience, and are to be roundly commended for the honesty and integrity they’ve brought to the project.

Theatre as a vehicle for social change is hardly a new concept, but what this group does is truly

impressive, inasmuch as they engage the audience while delivering theatre of a really high standard, delivering their vital message in such a way as to encourage the audience to confront vile, cruel behaviour when they see it.

If the words of E Bully ring true, it’s because they are. The fourteen members of the ensemble have each given of their own to the production, which Zavarce and his collaborators have skilfully interleaved with a representative story about a teenager who’s trolled at school, and an natty chat room in which the audience — your writer included — were offering their own baubles and barbs, a stark demonstration of the power of anonymity.

Each show concludes with a Q&A, which is absolutely obligatory. The message comes through loud and clear. E Bullying is not just wrong, it’s a crime, and its perpetrators must be called out whenever they rear their heads. Bravo to these courageous young folk, and good luck.

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